A Moment Changes Everything…

Everyone knows the cliché of “it only takes a moment…and everything can change.”  Well, it’s so true.  Magnus and I have experience firsthand how a moment – a second; millisecond can change everything –


While driving in the car with Magnus, Luke, and Abram, we were talking about the upcoming Holiday weekend, going back to school, and getting back to our normal routine since we’ve been so busy with Christmas.  Abram was, as always, looking out the window watching for numbers on signs, particularly Speed Limit signs.  Luke was playing his new DS – Star Wars Lego to be exact.  Magnus was driving and I was just riding enjoying our last day of 2010 together and thankful we were all together.


I looked into the backseat and saw Luke…but it wasn’t him.  Time stopped.  Magnus looked in his rearview mirror at Luke.  Then Magnus & I locked eyes in that same rearview mirror and we knew.  We knew this was “a moment…a moment that would change everything…”


Luke was completely nonresponsive.  No movement.  No blinking.  No talking.  Silent.  Gone. 


We panicked.  I flew to the backseat with both hands on Luke’s chest, screaming his name over and over.  Nothing.  No movement.  No blinking.  No talking.  Silent.  Gone. 


I called 911…begging for help, pleading for knowledge of what to do…seeking…crying…screaming…Luke was still.  Nothing.  No movement.  No blinking.  No talking.  Silent.  Gone.


Magnus pulled over the car and signaled for a police officer who happened to be at an adjacent stop light.  This man, this kind man, came to our rescue.  He pulled Luke out of the car seat, laid him on the ground and took the phone from me to speak to the 911 operator.  I heard his words, “I have a 4 or 5 year old male who is breathing, has a pulse and is having a seizure.”


“A seizure,” I thought, “Okay, people have seizures and live.  Luke is going to live, right?” 


During the total breakdown of screams and tears and pleads of “don’t let me child die,”  Magnus knelt down to me (I was on the ground) and grabbed my hands and he prayed.  He prayed through our tears, our extreme worry, our intense pain…


This was the moment that changed everything.  At that moment, I knew God was the same God as before this seizure.  God was there.  God never left us.  God gave Magnus and me that moment to believe, to put our faith in Him, to know He will not forsake us.  (Hebrews 13:5)


It was this moment that Magnus and I decided to trust our God completely.  Otherwise I would have crumbled to that ground and I would have never gotten up.  I have never experienced this type of severe panic, intense pain, and complete helplessness before now. God was in this moment and that’s where we found our survival.


The time that follows seems to be a blur, maybe because God took control as Magnus and I let go or maybe it’s all just too hard to remember.  Four firemen arrived first, followed by the ambulance –


Luke was still seizing; still nothing. No movement.  No blinking.  No talking.  Silent.  Gone.


I rode in the front of the ambulance all the way to Baptist Medical Center – Wolfson’s Children Hospital and I prayed.  I talked to God the entire ride…my heart broke a thousand times into a million pieces, but God was there steadily putting each piece back together.  At one point, I said out loud, “Yes, God I can feel you here.  I can feel you all around.”  The confused driver said, “I am sorry, ma’am, did you say something?”  I am talking to God – I said.  And, I continued to silently talk to the One True God who never left us – who gave us our ‘moment’ to share with you all….